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Celebrating the
beauty of Persia


Edelgrund exists to celebrate and promote Persian tradition, art, and people to the world.

Our purpose is to share Persia’s richness, known for its vibrant culture, centuries-old traditions and breathtaking landscapes. Through our designs, we aim to highlight the beauty of this land, inviting the world to explore its treasures.


Storytellers of the Persian heritage

We create unique handcrafted Persian fussion designs, a symphony of stories woven into each thread, aiming to celebrate the land’s beauty with the world. Our rugs are not mere products; they are our way of communicating Persia’s essence and spirit. Each pattern, colour, and texture in our handcrafted pieces evokes Persian tales, the legacy of ancient artisans, and the expressions of modern artists.



Maryam Ebrahimi is part of a new wave of businesswomen who are taking the lead in the carpet industry – a domain historically dominated by men. Currently, Maryam holds multiple roles as Edelgrund’s Art Director, Managing Director, and Ambassador. Born and raised in Tehran, her early passion for interior design led her to the world of carpets. After studying business in Chicago and working as a Sales & Marketing Manager in San Francisco, a chance encounter with modern Iranian carpets sparked her fascination.  In 2013, she left the IT sector to join Edelgrund. And in 2020, she took over the company, for whose marketing she had previously been responsible. As Managing Director, she has dedicated herself to shaping the brand’s unique design identity and expanding its presence in the world of high-quality carpets.

Our savoir-faire

Perservers of the Persian heritage

Rooted in a deep appreciation for Persian tradition, art, and its people, our pieces are a testament to the legacy that has endured through centuries. Inspired by this rich heritage, our creations are meticulously crafted using unique traditional techniques, breathing life into intricate designs that carry the soul of this cultural treasure. We are guardians of Persia’s artistic heritage. Our skilled artisans infuse their passion and creativity into every piece, turning them into extraordinary works of art.

The pursuit of excellence

In our pursuit of excellence, only the finest materials find their way into our designs. Utilising the world's best wool and hand-spun yarn, sourced from Kurdistan, we ensure each thread is a testament to quality and authenticity. Natural dyes grace our creations, adding vibrant colours that evoke the splendour of Iran's landscapes and culture.

Tailor-made design services

Experience the artistry of a rug tailored exclusively to your desires.

We offer customised rugs, making it possible for you to bring your unique vision to life in woven form.
Choose from an array of colors, patterns, and sizes to suit your aesthetic preferences and spatial needs. 
Whether it's for your home, office, or any other setting, Edelgrund ensures that your rug is a reflection of your taste and individuality.


Committed to the art

At Edelgrund, we are committed to bridging the timeless beauty of Persian heritage with the innovation of contemporary design.

We believe in the universal language of art and strive to create pieces that resonate with both historical heritage and modern aesthetics.

Our rugs are thus more than mere objects: they are masterful works of art that embody centuries of tradition while embracing modern aesthetics. With Edelgrund, your space becomes a canvas where art, tradition, and modernity unite in perfect harmony.

Committed to people and the planet

Edelgrund firmly believes in the fundamental connection between a positive working environment and the creation of exceptional pieces. We remain unwaveringly committed to meeting the highest possible work, social and environmental standards. Our strong dedication to environmental sustainability is reflected in our use of natural materials, dyes and production processes.

Our partnership with Label STEP highlights our engagement with fair trade, ensuring that our ethical standards consistently remain at the highest level.


Our manifesto

Beauty has no boundaries and no particular definition. Yet you can feel her presence.
There is an intimate unity that stands out, a sense of wholeness carried within. A light and refreshing harmony we love to celebrate.

While societies have been weaving for centuries, Some regions are just so interlinked with this craftsmanship that you can feel how heritage transpires through their extraordinary textiles.

Passionate about the universality of what’s authentic, we stand where tradition and modernity blend together, mesmerized by the sheer simplicity of the scene.

A room full of color where beauty stands out and reveals an urgent need to celebrate that rugs, more than mere objects, are masterful works of art.


Celebrating the beauty of Persia

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